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Rockhill Caucasians has no rescues available at this time nor are we aware of any suitable rescue organization in the US. In our experience we’ve seen that this breed, if raised improperly, easily becomes unbalanced from puppyhood and, in most cases, by young adulthood, the situation will have escalated beyond the control of most owners. Rehabilitation of the unbalanced Caucasian Ovcharka is not for the faint of heart nor average dog fancier. Shelter dog Caucasians may exhibit behavior which, though similar to the natural qualities of this breed (aggression), is consistent with canine behavioral imbalances and not representative of the breed. Rescue is a noble endeavor but this misrepresentation is a disservice to our noble breed. A failure to understand simple dog behavior with this breed has unfortunately led to confusion.

From time to time we may have older pups available. These dogs will have undergone a specific and, in some cases, custom training schedule here at Rockhill Caucasians. These pups will be available to transfer to owners after 6 months of age.

Thank you for your interest in my dogs. Puppies are $3000 ($4000 for older pups) which includes shipping to major US airport or, $2600 ($3500 for older pups) pick-up in Oklahoma.

Price includes:

  • Transport crate
  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Satisfaction guarantee for the first six months of the puppy’s life
  • Lifetime support regarding training and behavior
  • Puppies can be registered by the owner

Puppies can ship as early as 10 weeks and arrive crate-trained, leash trained, 85% housebroken and will have had at least one set of vaccinations. Puppies are raised in a family environment and will have started socialization classes.

Caucasians live about 10 – 12 years and are prone to large breed health problems like all large working breeds (hip dysplasia, heart trouble, obesity, etc.). Attending to the dogs needs plays an important role in avoiding health-related issues.

My dogs are slightly larger than the RKF standard. But, as stated in the standard, larger dogs are acceptable only if they have good proportion. So I don’t breed for size alone. My dogs are also working dogs capable of doing their job. My adult males weigh from 170 – 180 lbs. and 32 – 33.5 inches at the shoulders.

To be placed on the waiting list requires a $500 deposit which applies towards the purchase price.

Prospective buyers should fill out the puppy application. I will get back to you usually within a few days.

Upon approval, payment can be paid through:

PayPal: redearthgifts@rockhillgrowers.com

or by mail, make check or money order payable:

Red Earth Gifts LLC,
13860 S. 305th West Ave.,
Bristow, OK 74010.

I look forward to serving your guardian dog needs,


NOTE: Effective January 1st, 2013: All inquiries must be submitted via online application or print out the application and send via snail mail. Either way, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed. 



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