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Our dogs conform to the RKF breed standard. We follow breed club guidelines and codes of ethics. We are motivated by several factors: Love of the breed; a desire to contribute to the improvement of breed health and performance skills; enjoyment of breed competitions; and pleasure in the company of other breed and dog admirers. We breed for health, temperament and breed type; screen our breeding stock for genetic abnormalities; strive to increase our knowledge of breed history and bloodlines; provide appropriate health care and housing for adult dogs and puppies; raise, train, and socialize puppies in our home; participate in dog shows so our dogs can be evaluated for adherence to specific breed standards of excellence and for performance ability; and help with public education efforts promoted by national and local dog organizations.

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• We breed and raise healthy and well-socialized dogs in our home.
• Our breeding stock meets the standard of excellence for the breed and is screened for genetic problems.
• We study our chosen breed and make decisions with breed structure, health, and temperament in mind.
• We offer a contract that protects the puppy and the buyer as well as the breeder.
• We participate in breed activities, including dog shows to assess the quality of potential breeding dogs.
• We participate in club projects ranging from public education programs and dog training classes to dog shows.

Caucasian Ovcharka Canine Good Citizen TIBET

Prospective buyers can see where litters are raised, talk to us about health clearances and socialization, and meet the dam of the litter. While we take pride in producing high-quality show and working dogs, we also desire to place healthy puppies and adult dogs as pets in suitable homes. The relationship doesn't end when the puppy goes to its new family; we keep in touch with buyers, answer questions about training and behavior, and enjoy the thriving relationship between the dog and the family.
We register our dogs with American Kennel Club, ARBA and UKC. We take back dogs if buyers can no longer keep them, and we keep retired breeding and performance dogs if we cannot find a good pet home for them. We also help with rescue of dogs with donations of time, space, or dollars and contribute to research into inherited canine diseases personally and through our local and national clubs. The American Kennel Club, the organization that most responsible breed enthusiasts use to register their dogs, donates more than $1 million annually to promote canine health.

caucasian ovcharka family

Our dogs are from working bloodlines with legendary Russian champion pedigrees. They are large and powerful high defense drive guardians capable of coping with wolf or human.

BLOSSOM is a daughter of FROL Gvidonovich iz Svetlogo Doma (Best of Breed in the USA under judge Polivanov)
and LEYLA Hunza (Reserve winner's bitch under judge Polivanov)

VERONKA is a pick female from St. Petersburg, Russia. Sire: Мономах Цкаро, best stud dog in Russia 2004-05, Russian Champion, Grand Champion, National Club Champion, 2hPobeditel Club, RKF, RFSS. Dam: The beautiful Champion of Russia, Olburd VARVARA..

TIBET is from Perm, Russia. In 2006 we sent a courier to transport him as there is no cargo for dogs available from deep inside Russia. TIBET descends from famous bear-like dogs of Capital of Siberia Kennel located in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Come to Oklahoma and see the dogs in person! Rockhill Caucasians lies in a picturesque setting of grasslands and gently sloping, wooded hills covered with post oak, blackjack and other oak with some hickory, ash, elm and cottonwood. Visitors are always welcome! We are located just down the road from Lake Heyburn State Park, twenty-five minutes southwest of Tulsa. The area offers spectacular views, quiet country side and is considered by many to be the Tulsa area's best-kept secret. Recreation facilities at the three areas on the perimeter of the lake include picnicking, RV sites with electric/water, tent campsites, restrooms and showers, playground, equestrian area, equestrian campsites, equestrian trail and swimming. The campground is open April 1-October 31.

ROCKHILL CAUCASIANS is dedicated to responsible breed promotion and preservation.

We recognize our ability to make an impact upon Caucasian Ovcharka breed ownership and the well being of these dogs and their owners.

Rockhill Caucasians shall:
Conduct business in a professional manner, honestly and with trust and respect.
Assist in maintaining the honor and reputation of the Caucasian Ovcharka breed.
Serve our clients with proper care and attention.
ontinue to further our education, knowledge, skills and experience.
Give all dog or puppy applicants an honest evaluation.
Use professional judgment and where it is considered of benefit to the client and/or dog, engage in consultation with other professionals to seek advice and assistance. All communications between professionals with regard to clients shall be responsible, respectful, and effective while endeavoring to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the breeder/client relationship.
Conduct ourselves in a businesslike and professional manner while maintaining empathy and understanding for the needs of the client, customer and dog.
Rockhill Caucasians, while striving to maintain the highest standards of conduct, shall not and cannot be held responsible in any way for the individual acts of its puppy/dog buyers or others.

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Your Caucasian Ovcharka pup will arrive in perfect health, all shots up to date, with veterinary health certificate.

Though typically standoffish with strangers, your pup will be playful and social with all types of dogs and can do fine in a family with or without children, large or small animals, etc. Your pup will adapt to almost any environment, quiet or loud, calm or hectic.  
Your pup will be crate-trained and comfortable spending time in the crate. Your pup will have no problems eating together with other dogs. She will love sleeping on the bed or the couch and cuddling but will get off immediately upon being told to do so.  
Your pup will not bark excessively at night nor during the day but will make a great watch dog and will alert you to all visitors and will quickly learn from you who is acceptable; The mailman, UPS guy, etc.  

Your pup may be a perfect candidate for AKC's CGC (Canine Good Citizen) program. We encourage every owner to strive for the goal of passing this test but due to the innate nature of the breed this can be challenging.

Your pup can also learn to love running on the treadmill.  
Your pup, though gentle, affectionate and loving in nature, will grow fast...  

and will love and protect you

veronika cutie

from any perceived threat

veronika adult


with passion-driven, unwavering determination.

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